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【For various banquets】 Angus beef steak course All-you-can-drink & All-you-can-eat ham with 150 minutes

【For various banquets】 Angus beef steak course All-you-can-drink & All-you-can-eat ham with 150 minutes

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All-you-can-drink available

150 minute system (30 minutes before LO)

Reservation deadline
Until 15:00 on the day before the store visit date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - Holidays

It is a plan that you can enjoy delicious food and drink with a variety of banquets! Privately available! Please consult us ♪ Speaking of meat, after all beef !? Angus steak with a great meal is the main!

Course menu

☆ All you can eat raw ham ☆

· Garlic toast

・ Marinated seafood

· Pate de Campagne

· Whimsical salad

·beef steak

· Today's pasta

· Dolce

※ By the situation of stocking, there may be change in menu.Please acknowledge it beforehand.

※ Cancellation on the day will be charged 100%.Please note.

All-you-can-drink menu

・ All-you-can-drink wine and not drink! We have carefully selected because it is a drink that you can drink a lot, and wine-based cocktails are also popular ♪ Combine red with ginger ale, “Kitty” or “Operator” in white edition and combine white with cassis We also offer a variety of other products such as “Keel” and “Keel Royale” combined with sparkling!
-Raw draft beer is "Premol"! Enjoy the taste of the Tadasu store ♪ The variety of beer cocktails has increased! In addition to the classic "Shandigafu", "Cassis beer" "Peach beer" and other fruit-based beer cocktails, now attention White wine × beer cocktail "Beers Spritzer" has also been added to the menu! You can enjoy a variety of beer ♪
-Italian liqueurs "Campali" and "Aperol", classic cassis and peach, Litchi liqueur, there are vodka and gin too! It is not for punishment games, we have prepared easy-to-drink tequila! In combination with soft drinks There are dozens of cocktails! You can make almost any standard menu, so please say Wagamama ♪
·Soft drink
・ Orange juice Grape flu juice ginger ale oolong tea soda
·Non-alcoholic cocktails
・ We added "non-alcoholic cocktail" and "non-alcohol beer" to menu so that we can enjoy all-you-can-eat even if we do not drink alcohol / non-drinkable! Alcohol free "cassis" and "Peach" syrup We prepare approximately 10 kinds of non-al cocktails using! Non-alcohol beer prepares "all free" ♪

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