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【Kuroge Wagyu Beef Premium Course】 Kuroge Wagyu beef sirloin steak course

【Kuroge Wagyu Beef Premium Course】 Kuroge Wagyu beef sirloin steak course

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  • 6items
  • 4persons
All-you-can-drink available

150 minutes system (LO30 minutes ago)

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until 3 days before 17 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - Holidays

A5 rank It is a premium course with black beef sirloin steak as the main item.

Course menu

· All you can eat Charcutrie or raw ham

· Seafood tomato marinade consommé Jure

· Mozzarella Burrata and Rucola salad

- Today's pasta

· Kuroge Wagyu beef sirloin steak

· Dolce 2 assorted platter

* Depending on the purchase situation etc., there may be a change in the menu.Please note.

※ Cancellation of the day will be charged 100% of the fee.Please note.

All-you-can-drink menu

Wine cocktail is also popular ♪ "Kitty" which divided red with ginger ale and "white operator operator" cassis and white together We are preparing various other things such as "keel", "KIRE ROYAL" combined with sparkling and so on!
· Beer draft beer is "premol"! Enjoy the taste of the expert shop ♪ The variety of beer cocktail has increased! In addition to the classic "shandygaaf", fruit based beer cocktails such as "cassisubia" and "peach beer", now attention White wine of beer x Beer cocktail "Via Splitzer" also joined the menu! ♪ You can enjoy a variety of beers ♪
· Italian liqueur "Campari" and "Apellol", there are also vodka and gin in classic cassis, peach, litchi liqueur, vodka and gin! Also available for punishment games, easy to drink tequila in combination with soft drinks There are dozens of cocktails! Because the classic menu can be made roughly, please tell me about selfishness ♪
·Soft drink
· Orange juice grapefruit juice ginger ale oolong tea carbonated water
- Non-alcoholic cocktail
· "Non alcohol drinks" and "Non alcohol drinks" added to the menu so that you can enjoy drinks as well as those who can not drink alcoholic syrup "Cassis" and "Peach" syrup , We have around 10 kinds of non-cocktails! Non alcoholic beer is preparing "all free" ♪

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